The soilution

Soils are extremely important for the future of mankind:

  • 99,7% of our food comes directly from the soil.
  • Soils store more carbon than the atmosphere and all plant life combined.
  • Healthy soils can store large amounts of fresh water and protect us from erosion, flooding and droughts.

The issue
However, our soils are badly threatened. The degradation of soils has a dramatic impact on our food security, our climate and our health.

  • Every minute mankind destroys the equivalent of 30 football fields of fertile soil, mostly due to irresponsible farming.
  • As a result, we are losing 10 million ha of farmland every year.
  • ¼ of the earth’s soils are highly degraded.

To know more about the issue, please click "The issue" in the submenu above.

Organic = the soilution
The good news is: there is a soilution. We can prevent further soil degradation and even restore our degraded soils. Science proves that organic agriculture increases carbon storage and water holding capacity in the soil and improve soil biodiversity. Click "Organic = the Soilution" in the menu above to find out more.

Become a soildier!
If you understand the problem and the soilution, you can become a Soildier for the good cause! Click "Become a soildier" or "What else can I do?" in the menu above.



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