This Sustainability Flower is a model used to evaluate, manage and communicate the sustainability achievements of organic growers. The six flower petals deal with ecology: soil, water, air, plants, animals and energy. The heart of the flower shows the words "freedom", "justice" and "solidarity", which refer to cultural, societal and economical sustainability respectively. Each of these 9 dimensions represents a number of formal indicators. It's a real "power flower"!

The sustainability flower was developed from 2009 onwards by an international thinktank of prominent pioneers and innovators of the organic movement, operating as the "Belbis Desert Club". Among them are the founders and leaders of the Soil Association, Eosta, Sekem, Alnatura, Lebensbaum, Rapunzel, Fibl, IFOAM, Soil & More, and others. For each aspect of the flower, key performance indicators were defined on the basis of the GRI Guidelines.



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