Julia Roberts urges consumers worldwide to Save Our Soils
‘By the time you've read this, 9,378 m² of fertile soil has been destroyed.’ This is the message being delivered by Julia Roberts as she becomes the latest in a line of international VIP's to express support for the Save Our Soils initiative.
16-06-2015 | Read more

Soil art performance in Berlin
An art performance during Soil Week in Berlin has demonstrated how every 20 minutes 1 hectare of fertile soil is sealed in Germany.
24-04-2015 | Read more

Ten things you should know about soil
(Article written by Elisabeth Winkler, copied with permission from Sustainable Food Trust). Most current food production methods do not nurture the soil. Instead they exploit it, as if it were an infinite resource. As a result, 24 billion tonnes of soil is washed or blown away every year. That’s equivalent to 3.4 tonnes for every adult and child on the planet, every year. As well as being eroded, soil is also being degraded – losing its organic matter and structure – a process which ultimately turns 30 million acres of food producing land into desert every year. Soil isn’t just important because it is the source of our food, it also plays a vital role in regulating the climate, providing clean drinking water and supporting plant and animal biodiversity.
10-03-2015 | Read more

400 hectares of depleted soil rehabilitated!
In celebration of the International Year of Soils, Reliance Compost, South-African partner in the Save Our Soils campaign, is proud to announce its flagship project at Corona Farm in Paarl: an Agricultural Development and Organic Recycling Processing Facility which will generate compost, create jobs and save 400 hectares of depleted soil!
26-02-2015 | Read more

Dutch State Secretary praises Save Our Soils campaign
Dutch State Secretary Sharon Dijksma expresses her support for the Save Our Soils campaign at BioFach in Nuremberg. The main message of Save Our Soils is that consumers can help to save soils by choosing organically grown food. 2015 is the United Nations International Year of Soils. The Save Our Soils campaign was set up by Nature & More, an international specialist in organic fruits and vegetables based in the Netherlands.
12-02-2015 | Read more

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