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‘Why Soil Matters? - A European perspective’
In April, the final proceedings of the congress ‘Why Soil Matters? - A European perspective’ were published. The congress was held in November, the end of the Year of Soils, in the European Parliament. The report higlights the potential of agro-ecology for climate goals and the need for EU soil regulation.

"Nearly 50% of European soils contain very low levels of organic matter (0-2%), which have been caused by agricultural intensification"
said Professor Christine Watson of Scotland’s Rural College. Other speakers at the congress were Martin Häusling, Olivier de Schutter
Valo Dantinne, Andrea Vettori, Molly Scott-Cato, Bart Staes, Teresa Anderson, Hans Joachim Mautschke, Jenny Wong Joszi Smeets
and Michael Hamell.

People4Soil, a coalition of NGO's, companies and scientists, anounced that in 2016 they will launch a petition seeking the support of 1 million European citizens to relaunch efforts towards an EU regulation on soil. In 2014 a Commission’s proposal toward protecting soils as a common good was withdrawn. People4Soil hopes that such a regulation should recognize soil as a common good, essential for our lives.



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