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Check out Dr. Goodfood's recipes!
Nature & More, the company that initiated Save Our Soils, is launching a new campaign in 2018 that will focus on food and health. Dutch physician Anna Kruyswijk, based on scientific publications and 30 years of experience, designed 10 special recipes to combat common ailments such as a cold or common influenza.

Anna Kruyswijk gives a short introduction: "I’ve been interested in everything that blooms even before I started studying medicine. During my years of study there was little knowledge about the positive effects of food, so together with a group of fellow students we read about and experimented with all sorts of food and ingredients. And after my study, while practicing medicine, I’ve always kept a keen eye on what my patients were eating throughout the day."
Anna Kruyswijk advises to use organic fruits and vegetables, because they contain up to 40% more fytonutriënten. To check out Dr. Goodfood's recipes, check out


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