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Support People4Soil and sign the petition 'Save the soils'!
The signature form of EU-initiative 'Save the soils of Europe' is now online. The initiative, organised by network People4Soil, wants the EU to acknowledge that soils are a common good. In the Netherlands, Nature & More (Eosta) and the Sustainable Food Supply Foundation have put themselves behind the initiative. The goal is to ask the European Commission to protect soils by law, just like water and air. To get here, 1 million European signatures must be collected in the coming year.

Soils in Europe are quickly getting degraded through erosion, loss of soil life and organic matter, compaction and sealing. In other parts of the world the situation is even worse. At the moment we are losing approximately 30 football fields of fertile soils per minute. Soils are not just indispensable for our food supply, but also play a crucial part in climate change. By taking better care of our soils we can mitigate climate change, by increasing organic matter content in soils. It also makes us more resilient against the consequences, such as droughts and floods.
2015, the UN International Year of Soils, tried to raise attention for this cause. In the Netherlands Nature & More organised a major soil congress in Amsterdam, called "Celebrating Soils".  One of the speakers, Claudia Olazabal, told how the EU has been trying since 2006 to create protective guidelines for soils. To the great disappointment of 22 countries, the drafts were shelved in 2014. Olazabal however promised that the fight was not over yet and expressed hopes that soil legislature would still be implemented in the future.
Legambiente Lombardia, an academic environmental group in Milano, Italy, accepted the challenge.. The started the People4Soil network, which has grown to an international network of more than 350 European NGO's, companies, research institutes, farming organisations and environmental groups. It set up an EU citizens initiative that was approved in July and formally launched in September. Now, the signature form is online in all 24 languages of the EU. 
You can add your signature here: Please share the message with everyone who may understand that soils are equally as important as water and air, not just for our daily bread but also for dealing with climate cahnge. 
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