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"The soil accuses Monsanto"
From 14th to 16th October, the Monsanto Tribunal took place in The Hague. Bernward Geier, former long-time director of IFOAM and a well-known consultant in the field of sustainable agriculture, was there on behalf of Save Our Soils and gave a workshop on soil and the True Cost of Food. True Cost Accounting turned out to be a hot topic.
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Support People4Soil and sign the petition 'Save the soils'!
The signature form of EU-initiative 'Save the soils of Europe' is now online. The initiative, organised by network People4Soil, wants the EU to acknowledge that soils are a common good. In the Netherlands, Nature & More (Eosta) and the Sustainable Food Supply Foundation have put themselves behind the initiative. The goal is to ask the European Commission to protect soils by law, just like water and air. To get here, 1 million European signatures must be collected in the coming year.
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SOS-funded projects in Ghana, Indonesia and Uganda
The Save Our Soils Fund is working with Soil & More International and the Progreso Foundation to improve soils in Afrika and Asia in three projects.
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Guidelines for Sustainable Soil Management coming up!
On 27th May 2016, the Global Soil Partnership (GSP) endorsed a set of voluntary Guidelines for Sustainable Soil Management, marking a step towards coordinated action to assure that the earth under our feet - a keystone of global food security - remains fertile. The Voluntary Guidelines for Sustainable Soil Management are on track to be presented to the FAO Council for adoption in December 2016.
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