By the time you've liked this page, industrial farming destroyed
m2 of fertile soil.

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Help growers save our soils

The best soilution to stop the degradation of soil is a global shift to sustainable, organic farming. Because organic farming will restore long-term soil fertility and health. We launched the Save Our Soils Fund that helps farmers make a shift to organic farming. But we also need your help! Your Facebook like releases € 5,00 from this fund, enough to save 500 m2 of fertile soil. Like us and help growers save our soils!

The soil is the limit, not the sky

According to the United Nations every minute 30 football fields of soil are lost, mostly due to irresponsible, unsustainable farming techniques. This threatens our ability to feed the world. Living soil is not just the foundation of our food chain but also stimulates biodiversity, acts as a vital water buffer and helps to combat climate change by storing carbon.

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