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30% more harvest and 50% less water use
Soil & More has set up a composting project in Ethiopia, where waste material of rose growers, which normally is thrown away, is utilized to produce high quality compost. This compost then goes to local farmers, including a cooperation of 100 smallholders who grow red peppers on 106 acres (43 hectares) of land. The results are amazing.

The farmers who started applying compost last year are reporting a 30% increase in production and a 50% decrease of water use. Some of them only applied compost to half of their land, which resulted in clearly visible improvement. The use of compost also causes a reduction of pesticide and artificial fertilizer use.

For more information, read this article by Aart van den Bos, director and founder of Soil & More, who visited Ethiopia in the first week of September (article in Dutch only, but have a go with Chrome browser in translation):



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