By the time you've clicked here, industrial farming has destroyed
of fertile soil.

Welcome to Save Our Soils. The world needs healthy soils to feed itself and deal with climate change. Nature & More wants to raise awareness about soil as this is arguably the world’s most important yet neglected resource.

True Cost of Food

Only 60 years left?

"Why soil matters" - A European perspective

Save Our Soils Song

10 things you should know about soil

Shiva: "We are the soil"

Video for #COP21

Julia Roberts: Help SOS


Dalai Lama's Soilmate

New in 2022: Save Soil!

We, at Eosta / Nature & More / Save Our Soils, endorse the new Save Soil initiative by Conscious Planet. Let's turn the tide and increase the organic content of soils with organic and restorative agriculture. Click here to visit!

"The soil accuses Monsanto"

Africa: 30% more food for 50% less water



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