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The Save Our Soils campaign was initiated by Nature & More, as a partner in FAO's Global Soil Partnership. Many other NGO's and companies have joined the campaign. The Save Our Soils campaign ran from December 2012 until December of 2015, the International Year of Soils. After that the campaign will continue at a slower pace. Vandana Shiva is the international patron of the Save Our Soils campaign.

The campaign aims to raise consumer awareness about the importance of soil for our health, food security and climate. It wants to make people aware of the problem of degraded soils, and point towards soilutions. Last but not least, the campaign aims to activate consumers to get creative and become soildiers for a better future.

  • Nature & More is an international "trace & tell" system for organic food: read more here.
  • FAO is the Food and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations: www.fao.org
  • An overview of all partners in the Save Our Soils campaign can be found here.


E-mail: info[a]saveoursoils.com. 



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